Monday, July 1, 2013

Why GlamTags? ~ My Review ~

Hey peeps! How are you?
I know I know.. I've been lost for quite some time >.< 
Yes, I am really lazy to blog after I get a job. *Yeah!

Ahh.. Come back to the main topic!

Ahem.. Today, I am very happy to blog about this blogshop! 
Yes, you seen it right! GlamTags! *theyaresuperfamous
Before I move on, I just want to say 'THANK YOU!' for partially sponsoring me this beautiful necklace! 
*Not to forget, thanks to my baby boy for sponsoring me the remaining cost! 

TADA! Beautiful right~  *spot the love shape? =P
My necklace falls at the premium range! *they have lots of range
18K Yellow Gold, Standard-sized, 40cm chain

GlamTags is a personalized name accessories blogshop which started their business since 2011. *only 3 years, they so successful already. (clap)

Don't worry, I wont be telling you about their history (*i dont know either), but I'm going to tell you, based on my experience with GlamTags, the reasons why you should consider buying one for yourself or your love ones.

WHY GlamTags?

1. Unique

Alright, you might be thinking "Nah.. I can find it anywhere. Many people are selling it." 
BUT! Continue reading, and you will know why they are unique =P

2. Great Quality

I've been wearing it for a month, nothing happen yet. Normally, my necklace wont survive that long. Because I am not 斯文 at all. LOL! Besides, by only looking at the necklace itself, it looks very... high class? =D 

3. Variety Choices

Yes, they have lots of designs that you can choose. All beautiful designs. =D

4. Preview

One of the reasons I love about GlamTags, despite the above reasons, is that they show you the preview of your customize accessories!

I'm not sure about you, but for me, it is really important to have a preview so that you know what you are buying. I mean, how it looks like. Most girls No.1 concern is the outlook right~

5. Service

Ahha! This is one of my most concern actually. I can tell you, they are really patient. Haha. I asked soooo many questions, trust me, I am really fussy in this kind of online shopping thingy. But but but, they surprised me with their humble services. 100/100 =D

6. Long Lasting Look (Fashion)

You heard me. I mean.. you seen it! This kind of necklace wont be out dated, at least not for the coming 10 years I dare to say. *It gels well with any outfit! 

7. Promotions

YES!!! Promotions! Discounts! They frequently offer great deals to their potential customers! Very generous~ If you follow their Facebook page, you will see it. *Check out their FB link at the end of this post!

8. Great gift

I can tell you, this can be a really great gift for someone you love. Even for yourself!
To the guys: You seriously need to consider my words. Girls LOVE this kind of present. But make sure the design is nice la har.

To the ladies: You need this. At least one in your life. Yes. You will look ugly if you dont. NAH.. I'm just kidding. But seriously, you need one. When any guy approach you and ask for your name, just point to your necklace. HAHAHAHA. *ok. I know I am lame =(

9. Trustable

They are very honest people. At least I still get my necklace right? =P

10. Almost everyone is having atleast one GlamTags

Aiya.. Biasalah.. Like smartphone like that.. Everyone is having one ma. 

That's it! Don't believe that they are that awesome? Go buy one and see it for yourself! =D

Click the picture and it will link you to their Facebook page =)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Blogger or Details?

Hey peeps!

As most of you know, I'm FREE FROM EXAMS...!! Like FOREVER!!!
Hopefully I won't fail any subjects =S Because if i do, I wont be able to graduate =S *fingers cross

Since I had ended my Uni life, it's time to search for a job! =S
But currently I'm kinda lost :(
Don't know where to go and what kind of job that I want to do. Ahhhhhh........

Anyway, I guess I will have more time to blog since I'm jobless now!!(not yet officially tho) Weeee~~

As you can see from the title of this post, "Blogger or Details?"
Well.. Actually this is a question that I've been questioning myself for the past few days.

Since nowadays lots of hot chicks are blogging (not pointing on myself!), I was wondering if those people who click on the link are actually interested in the blog post details or the hot chick itself =S

Ok, it is basically not a question that I asked myself, but through a conversation with le bf, I started to be kinda curious on this matter. :p

The conversation goes like this:

Me: Eh Eh.. Do you know that a blogger can actually earn a lot money only through blogging a? Maybe I should start blogging! Then maybe can earn a lot money or even get sponsors for our future house! =P
Him: Err.. Do you know that nowadays people don't actually read blogs? Why people read blogs? It is because of those hot chicks la. Their grammar are so poor but yet so famous. Wear sexy sexy then write few words, confirm a lot people click the link la.
Me: Ya meh.. D= *curious

Well.. That conversation made me question myself. Is blogging still useful? I mean.. people read to search details or hot chicks? What do you think?

ps: I don't agree with the wear sexy sexy statement! Not all famous bloggers are like that =S

Till then. God bless! =D

Thursday, April 11, 2013

4 years.


4 years.. I mean, almost 4 years..
Me, as a student in UTAR, will be graduating very soon.
I can still remember the first day i step into this land..
Everything was still so.. kampung? :p
Although Kampar is still not consider as a city, but still, it is developing really fast..

Lot's of my friends around me (those who are in the same batch with me) keep on saying that they want to graduate as soon as possible because they do not want to stay in this "dead land" anymore.
But seriously, this land is no longer a dead land.
I really enjoy my time here.. spending time with my friends, my housemates, my church.. All these are super precious, at least for me. :)

Well, we cant deny that once you graduate, you wont be able to enjoy as much as you are in university, agree?
You will only work work work... *unless you have a super rich family or super rich life partner who are willing to take care of you for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Argh.. Seriously, I don't feel like graduating /no

ps: To all the juniors/ future juniors, enjoy your uni life, or at least your student life as much as you can! Trust me, you will never be able to experience those life again once you step into the working life!

Till then, CHIAOS!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

My answer to My Dilemma: To blog or not to blog?

*blow *cough

So many dust here! /blur
I didn't even realize how long since the last time I blogged! /omg
*busying with PR campaign =(

As you can see from my blog title above, "My Answer to My Dilemma: To blog or not to blog?"
Seriously, I don't know if I should continue blogging or not /hmm
It seems meaningless? *Cuz i always talk about myself, my life... bla bla bla.

But today, I have decided!!!

You might be thinking: OMG! This boring blog gonna be active again?! WHY????
Answer to your question: Because I'm kinda interested in the Nuffnang thingy.:P

Recently I visited few blogs and the nuffnang ads actually capture my attention.
So I clicked in and search more of it's information. Hehe.. *I'm born to be curious! 
And now, if you notice it, I have nuffnang's ads in my blog too! Wee~ *syok sendiri

Therefore, I have decided! I want to blog more often!! :D
BUT! Not in this period of time for sure *final exam around the corner! /no
So yea.. WILL TRY MY BEST to blog more often =S

This time round, I will try to blog about other stuff perhaps?
Need more ideas!! *definitely not about food since I'm not a big fan =P

Ok, done with my sampat-ness!
Gonna get back to my notes!
Chiaow! /bye

ps: Wait for my interesting blog post in future! *finger cross =))

Friday, January 4, 2013


Woots! It's 2013 already!
As I always said, time passed so fast!
And now, my age shall be a secret already. LOL!

Ok.. What should I write?
To-do-list? Nah.. i will never be able to fulfill that =S *But one thing i must do, SAVE MONEY!!!
Reflect back 2012? Hmm.. too many things to reflect..

Hmm.... AH HAH!
Should I talk about my future? Hahaa..
For your information, I'm graduating soon! *not so excited tho
To be honest, I dont really hope to graduate this fast because I had tasted the working life before,
hence, i dont really wanna taste that so soon yet =(
You know.. working life is totally different from student life..
Should I list them down? Haha..

Once you enter to the working world.. You will need to..

  1. Wake up early
  2. Be more discipline
  3. Be more responsible
  4. Look at people face color (direct translate from Cantonese =P)
  5. Save money to pay loan
  6. Start to save money for marriage (those who is in relationship)
  7. Start to worry about life partner (those who is single)
  8. Cancel night life (unless your working hour is short, or unless u work at club. lol)
  9. Know that time is super precious 
  10. Sleep early
So far, I can only think of these. Can you see the big difference between student and working life?
Arghh... I'm super emo now.
BUT, not only because of the changes i need to face after i graduate, but also, where should I go, and what job should i do.. MY FUTURE DIRECTION.

I'm not sure if I mentioned about this before in my blog,
but my dream job is to be a wedding planner.
Since the day I step in to UTAR i guess.. My dream, is to be a successful wedding planner. 
Why? Because I love to see those couple, their friends, and family with smile in their faces.
That makes me happy too =)
But now, as the time comes very soon, I need to decide where i should go to fulfill my dream..
Still, I'm considering if this dream job allows me to serve in church or not..


These two places appeared in my mind..
or.. MACAU? *mum suggested. Interesting but.. lots of things to consider..
Still deciding.. and I think I should let God lead me..

Pray, and i will keep praying. 

ps: today is 2013.1.4. Want to say it specially for le bbf.. =))

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Peeps! It has been 9 months! I'm back again! LOL.
The main reason why i never update my blog is because I am super lazy!
Mem-paisehkan. =P

Well.. For the past 9 months, many things happened. UNCOUNTABLE.
I had ups and downs (well who doesn't?) and yea.. I am still alive. Haha.

*gosh. I have no idea what I am writing now. ==

Erm... Ok.. *awkward

Oh ya! My birthday passed just 2 days ago!
I'm officially 22. =S I no longer can tell others that I am 21+! ='(
I told my friends and posted it on Facebook but my friends are good enough.
They said that my outlook appearance doesn't look like 22. They say i look like secondary school. Buahahahaa. *syok sendiri

Ahem. Back to the topic =P
Erm.. This year birthday is an awesome one!
At first, I did not expect much from my friends. *i thought this year will be a very boring one
BUT, they proved me wrong =')
My friends from church, my housemates, my bbf gave me lots of surprise!

*To cut the story short, I will just briefly say what happened nah =P

14.11.2012 (10.30pm)
Le housemates bought domino pizza (as my cake) and celebrated with me. We eat together and watched horror movie. =P

15.11.2012 (12pm - 9.30pm)
Le bbf brought me to Ipoh and belanja me watch movie, eat, and bought me lots of present!
The present included heels, sandals, spectacles, and watch!
Although we are not able to go Kl or any expensive places like other couples, still, I'm super happy because I'm like queen that day =P *normally I am princess only nah~ haha

15.11.2012 (10pm - 12am)
A bunch of friends from church came to my house and gave me BIG SURPRISE.
They know I am alone at home, so they scare me by banging the back door ==
To be honest, I scared like hell. LOL!
After awhile, they came in my house (*after i called them and they acted like it is not them that bang the door), then admitted it was them that bang the door, and finally, a box of chocolates (as my cake) came infront of me, and they sang song. XD

*If you realized, i have NO CAKE for my birthday this year. == Oh well, my beloved friends told me that they know i dislike cake (true true), so they buy other stuff instead of cake. BUT, I wanna make a wish =(

So, this is it! My birthday ended well.. haha.. I am really happy that day because of what they did for me =')

Okie~ Finished talking about my birthday!
It's time to watch movie. Buahahaaha. *my activity when i'm back to Ipoh

Take care peeps! I will try to update my blog more often la =P
Chiao! =D

ps: Will you want to see me blog more often? If yes, drop a comment down below and tell me! =P

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What is he/ she thinking?

Do you ever wonder what your friends, family, love ones or the people around you, are thinking?
I mean.. do you doubt their words?
I guess, we all do doubt, sometimes.. right?

Well.. I always wish that I can know the truth of what people are actually thinking..
Their true feelings..

It feels bad you know.
You cant even know whether the words that came out from the person mouth is true or not.

I'm seriously curious.

Oh God! How great it is if I'm a scanner! Then I can scan through that person's mind and heart!